About Daniel Duval

I believe in your ability to manifest the full expression of what God has created you to be. That’s why I have relentlessly pursued God for answers to the toughest questions and secured solutions to achieve breakthrough for thousands of people just like you.

I began working with survivors of satanic ritual abuse and government sponsored mind control agendas in 2013. At first, I had only one client, but from 2013 to 2015 my list of clients grew. From the outset, I worked with both self-funded and pro-bono clients. Through BRIDE Ministries, I was able to support work for survivors that couldn’t afford help by covering their expenses to work with other coaches. God put a burning desire deep within my heart to see survivors of SRA and mind control projects get the help they deserved. It was in 2015 that BRIDE Ministries officially began to support the healing journeys of survivors through a scholarship program.

Right from the beginning of my work with survivors, the Lord made extraordinary supernatural interventions. He accelerated my learning curve in many ways, including assigning angels to teach me deep concepts and spiritual mechanics, providing my human spirit unfettered access to heavenly libraries, and through leading my to key information at strategic moments. Through a convergence of God’s grace, along with a lot of research, study, and even mentorship, my set of skills grew. From 2017-2019, the success I was having with clients continued to multiply, along with the development of novel resources, many of which have been published in my prayer books. As my demand grew, my availability continued to decline. It became clear that I needed to effectively train others to do what I was doing.

In 2020, I conducted the first year long DID Coach Mentorship program, taking 14 people through an intensive training designed to release coaches that could reproduce my ministry style and successfully utilize the resources that I had developed. The program was an incredible success, and now I continue to focus on effectively training others through this program to be able to help those that need deliverance and inner healing. Due to my expanding leadership duties, I am less available for bookings and one-time sessions with each passing year.

The Ministry Intensive series exists to fill a need. Not everyone can afford the financial cost or time necessary to complete a year-long training program. However, most people can afford a few hundred dollars and are able to make the time for a three-day weekend trip. The intensives exist primarily as a resource to give people introductory exposure to the tools and ministry approaches that we are using. The goal is that upon completion of each intensive, participants will be able to return to their churches, ministries, and environments, equipped with a basic understanding and ability to move in one of four areas of ministry. This will empower them to help others more effectively. We designed the intensives to serve as a bridge between where we are operating and the larger body of Christ. I can’t wait to see you there!

Getting the Job Done.

Unique & Effective Solutions

As a personal coach and minister, I offer solutions for highly complex dissociation due to satanic ritual abuse, government-sponsored mind control agendas, and Illuminati programming. I have developed unique and effective solutions for my clients based on the finished work of Jesus Christ, which translates into expertise in inner healing and deliverance. Since many of my clients are involved in the highest levels of bondage, I have ventured into the areas of bloodline and genetic bondage, bondage in heavenly places and regions of captivity, inner worlds, soul fragmentation, spirit fragmentation, cloning, time-travel, and quantum entanglement.

Many of these subjects have been explored via our podcast and ministry institute. The knowledge derived from work with survivors has led to the creation of a robust teaching platform. It is my goal to see that this knowledge produces greater competence in the ministry going forth from the whole body of Christ.

The Heart of the Matter

My heart is to see captives set free by the power of Jesus Christ. I have dedicated my life to the development of tools that will produce wholeness in the lives of others, and especially those that other approaches to healing have not successful helped. Many of the tools that I have developed have been made available through the ministry platform and exist in the form of prayers. However, seeing a unique need for practical teaching and training that will empower people on their healing and deliverance journeys, I have added weekend intensives as an outreach of our ministry. Here, you will find unique tools and training the specifically relates to the coaching and counseling journey.

I want nothing more than to see the power of God transform the lives of the broken and disenfranchised. The more people that we can equip to get the job done, the better!

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